Docsketch is now SignWell

We’re excited to announce that we have changed our name to SignWell.

Why SignWell?

Over 60,000 businesses depend on us for document signing. Our new name better reflects our ongoing focus on making it easier and more convenient to electronically sign documents.

What Has Changed?

You can access your same account at Our name, logo, and domain have changed, but everything else is staying the same.

  • is now being redirected to
  • Your login information is staying the same
  • Document signings in progress will continue to work
  • Existing Template Links will work, but you’ll want to get new Template Links for a more seamless experience

The SignWell mission remains the same, to simplify how documents get signed for millions of people and businesses. We’re excited to continue helping you move towards the future of paperless document signing.

Ruben Gamez
Founder, SignWell