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Automate your contract workflow with Close & SignWell
Send contracts faster, streamline sales, and automatically update activity with SignWell’s Close CRM integration.
61,000+ businesses
use SignWell for easy electronic signatures
Send Contracts
Quickly send contracts in Close
Send contracts with a single click in Close using SignWell integration links. Contracts are pre-filled with your lead and opportunity data from Close.
Track & report
Track contract activity and updates
Stay on top of contract progress with automatic updates powered by SignWell. See existing Close pipelines or create a dedicated pipeline just for contracts.
Update leads
Automatic updates for your leads
Eliminate extra work and put your lead management on autopilot with automatic updates from SignWell every time a contract is sent, viewed, and signed.
Update opportunities
Mark signed contracts as won opportunities
Keep organized every time a deal is closed. SignWell can update signed contracts as won opportunities with full support for lead notes for easy reference.
Sending options
Send contracts any way you want
Make sending contracts as easy as directly sharing a link with your clients or sending them with automated emails created by SignWell.
Instant signing
Get legally binding e-signatures instantly
Save hours, days, and weeks of the back and forth while improving your turnaround times by 40%. SignWell contracts are archived, protected from changes, and compliant with U.S. and international e-signature laws.
Template options
Quickly reuse and resend popular documents
Find, access, and send your most popular documents in seconds with reusable templates and a fully guided signing experience for your signees.
See what our customers have to say about SignWell
"My business has relied on SignWell to close deals for years and it always delivers. It's an elegant and reliable e-signature tool that does exactly what I need it to. The last thing you want with sales software is for it to introduce friction and cost you a deal. Not only have I not gotten any questions or complaints about SignWell, I've actually had customers ask me which tool I'm using so they can adopt it themselves for their own sales process."
Harris Kenny, Intro CRM
Harris Kenny
Intro CRM
"My clients used to have to print, sign, scan, and send my contracts back. This was not only cumbersome, but it didn't make a very professional impression. SignWell provided a simple, affordable, and professional-looking way for me to get contracts signed quickly. Plus, it's is easier to use and more elegant than DocuSign. I love it."
Rose Lounsbury, Coach and Professional Speaker
Rose Lounsbury
Coach and Professional Speaker