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Quickly and seamlessly integrate SignWell e-signatures into your app or platform.
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Frequently asked questions
Whether you’re signing contracts, or embedding signatures into a website or app, the SignWell API can be customized to work for any industry:
Will I be charged for having multiple files, signers, or workflow steps in an API document/envelope?
No, an API document includes as many files, signers, or workflow steps as you need. You would only be charged for one document, regardless of the number of files or recipients/signers.
How does API pricing work?
SignWell API pricing is pay-as-you-go, so you only pay for what is used. Billing happens after 30 days of usage, based on your volume.
What payment options are available?
API usage can be paid monthly or yearly. If you would like to pay yearly, there is a yearly discount of 10% that will be applied to your account. Contact [email protected] for yearly payment options.
Are SignWell electronic signatures legally valid?
SignWell is compliant with U.S. and international e-signature laws. Signed documents are archived and protected from further changes; SignWell electronic signatures are as legally valid as pen-and-paper documents.
Will my documents be secure and private?
Yes, all of your documents and files will be secure. You access SignWell through a secure SSL connection. Documents are never public and can only be viewed using unique encrypted links that are created inside of SignWell.
Will my recipients need to create an account to sign my documents?
No, recipients do not need to create an account to sign documents. Recipients can sign online from anywhere and on any desktop or mobile device.
Our API customers
See what our customers have to say about the SignWell API
"ConveYour helps onboard 10's of thousands of independent sales reps per year. SignWell's API makes seamlessly embedding document signing into our customers' flows super simple. (Their documentation and examples are fantastic). After working with a ton of electronic signature tools we chose to integrate SignWell directly into ConveYour. We recommend them to everyone now."
Stephen Rhyne, ConveYour
Stephen Rhyne
"I am so impressed with the SignWell API. In less than a single day I moved from having never used SignWell to a fully functional automation powered by the API. I was able to get precisely the workflow that we needed and had two different questions answered by support in record time!"
Brian Richards, WPSessions
Brian Richards